Why Are CT Scans Important?

Jul 24 2018

It is common for patients who go to the hospital, urgent care or a doctor’s office to be sent for further testing. Many conditions are not properly diagnosable until extensive testing has been completed. And one of the tests that you will regularly see ordered is the CT scan.

What is a CT Scan?

The concept of a CT, or computerized tomography, scan is to create images using a computer and x-ray sensing unit. These images will show the bones and soft tissue inside the patient’s body in great detail. It is why CT scans are such a useful element of medical testing.

Some hospitals have CT scan areas in their facilities. But if you go to an urgent care center or a doctor’s office, you may be sent to a specialist location where digital x-ray imaging is performed. These facilities have the best CT scan machines in the area, resulting in precise and accurate testing.

Areas of the Body a CT Scan Analyzes

A CT scan is usable on any part of the body. For instance, someone who comes in complaining of pain in their lower right abdomen may be sent in for a CT scan. The scan would see if there are any issues with the bones or soft tissues in the area. For instance, if the patient is suffering from appendicitis, the CT scan would show results indicating as much.

Minimizing Patient Exposure

digital x-ray imaging

Patients have a right to be worried about radiation and other issues when they are going for a CT scan. But the top facilities now use 16-slice CT scans. Not only do these machines provide fast and accurate results, but they ensure that patient exposure to anything harmful is negligible. In other words, the testing is perfectly safe.

If your doctor is recommending that you get a CT scan, find a facility in the area that has a 16-slice CT scan machine.