Stepping Up Your Game – Yoga Teacher Training

Jul 18 2018

The idea of becoming a yoga teacher is a little daunting when you think about it. Firstly, are you good enough? Is your own practice sufficiently advanced that you can pass it on to others? What sort of yoga would you teach and how do you properly learn how to teach it.

Your practice level

Of course, teaching the asanas is important and you do need to be good at them. But it doesn’t mean you need to know everything about every pose; in practical terms how could you.

But you should be at least at an intermediate level and comfortable with the asanas and coordinated breathing


Yoga teacher training

Yoga teacher training is a commitment. You will be committing somewhere between 200 and 500 hours, that is at least five work weeks. You will need to be very sure of the reasons why you want to do this and what you expect to get out of it.

More than asanas

Not that they don’t matter, but there is so much more to yoga than the asanas. There’s history, how did modern yoga get the way it is? Then there are the aphorisms Pantanjali might think are essential if you are to follow the ways.

You will need to know how the body works, so some basic anatomy will come in.

Willing to learn

There is one thing all of those who teach underline. When you start researching where and what and with whom, you will start to notice one thing.

All of them will be ok with the idea you’re not an asana-meister. All will be happy that you have come to learn. But all will point out that you to be willing to learn, because the good teachers are always the ones who learn.