How To Make Sure You’re Taking Care Of Your Children’s Teeth

Jul 30 2018

Childhood dental care often goes overlooked because people think that because baby teeth fall out, it’s not as important to care for them. In reality, pediatric dentist middleboro ma experts, as well as those throughout the country, recommend that a child’s first dentist appointment be within their first year of life.

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Baby teeth eventually fall out because after the adult teeth below them finish forming, they begin to push upwards against the roots of the primary teeth above them, which causes the roots to eventually disintegrate. Where the baby teeth rest and develop is important for where the adult teeth eventually come in and situate themselves. If something is wrong with a child’s baby teeth, it could affect how their adult teeth come in, which is a far more permanent arrangement.

In addition, dental health isn’t just about one’s teeth. Healthy gums are an important part of a quality life. Periodontal disease has been linked to heart disease. Research has proven that those with gum disease are twice as likely to have a heart disease, and the risk is greater for those with high cholesterol. Keep your child on the right track by helping them take care of themselves.

Your child should have a daily brushing routine as soon as he or she starts growing teeth. Make is a habit and teach them how to brush properly. Instilling these skills and respect for their health early on in life can only assist them as they grow and develop into independent adults who eventually have their own children to teach and care for. Overall, everyone wants to have their teeth for as long as possible, and that starts as soon as we develop teeth as children.