Even Online, Why Are So Many Folks Angry, And What Can Be Done About It

Jul 24 2018


Social media networks are today’s favorite hotspots for venting the spleen. By that is meant letting it all out in one big, angry blast. This is the space where people can pretty much get away with murder. They get others to eat their angry words. But is this really the solution to relieving yourself of all your frustrations? How can it be? It does seem like a rather cowardly way to have a go at others. Be careful.

online anger management courses

Be very careful. No, the law is not about to nab you, but someone out there is bound to be miffed, so much so, that, deeply offended, he or she will approach the highest rungs of the courts and lodge a formal complaint. You could even be sued, and that is damaging to everyone, you especially, in the extreme. Not only are you hurting others, you are hurting yourself the most. So, whether on a social media channel or in the middle of the street, do watch what you say and be careful of blowing your top and hurting someone else’s top.

Instead of venting your spleen on social media, why not register for online anger management courses instead. In such places are people who are out to help you, not out to get you. They want the best for you, not what’s coming to you. And if you have been lucky enough to get away with murder so far, just call it a blessing in disguise that you’ve been court ordered to attend an anger management course.

It’s a blessing in disguise because after learning new things about yourself you will soon be well. And all will be well in your world.